Commercial Ventilation Services

All buildings are designed to have a level of natural ventilation via opening doors and windows, air bricks and grilles. Sometimes this is not adequate and some form of additional mechanical ventilation is required.


Office Ventilation:

  • Small toilet / kitchen extract systems.
  • Larger ducted systems to provide fresh air to large office areas or internal offices with no opening windows, necessary to meet health and safety requirements.

Factory Ventilation:

  • General cooling to alleviate high temperatures caused by the build up of excessive solar heat and also heat produced by machinery and processes.
  • Localised mechanical extraction of dust and fumes produced during manufacture.
  • Ventilation and filtration required for some highly sensitive areas such as clean rooms.


  • Regulates temperature and humidity within an internal environment.
  • Provides comfortable working conditions for staff.
  • Removes unpleasant and undesirable products or fumes within a building, such as welding areas or spray booths.


  • Wall-mounted extract fans for factories or offices.
  • Ducted systems with in-line fans.
  • Roof mounted extract systems.
  • Ducted Air Handling Units to incorporate filtration, fresh and re-circulated air combinations and also heating / cooling batteries, thus providing clean incoming air at the required temperature.